Thursday, August 31, 2006

Early Morning Fog

We arrived here around after 6:40 AM Aug 6th on the way to Cape Enrage. The morning mist had almost burned off but we managed a few pictures before it was all gone.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ritchie Lake - Black & White

This scene caught my eye as I drove past Ritchie Lake this morning. It was almost colorless so I simply helped it a little by converting it to black and white.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Some other stuff

Here are a few pictures I have had in my blogger post folder for a week or two.

#1 - Taken through the covered bridge on Darlings Island.

#2 - Kingfisher checking his reflection at Meenan's Cove.

#3 - Mr Grub having a snack on a tasty leaf at the Quispamsis Town Hall.

#4 - Outstanding in their field - Meenan's Cove.

#5 - Morning dew on my Daughter's water fountain.

More recent pictures

Here are some pictures from Meenan's Cove that I took took today.

#1 & 2 - Taken around 2 Pm when I dropped down to check on the weather conditions. Love those pink shoes.

#3 and 4 - Taken this evening around 7:30 Pm. Love those reflections.

That is the last boat pictures for a while. Promise.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Meenan's Cove Fog

I stopped at Meenan's Cove this morning before the fog burned off. These pictures are each a blend of two images using the Orton's method. Just having fun with my camera.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Renforth Today

After having a coffee at Sessions Cafe in Rothesay this morning I decided to check out the site of the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival. It is a lot quieter today than it will be on Saturday when this site will be overrun by thousends of people taking part and watching the events.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Odds and Ends - #2

I do not believe these have been posted here before. They have been in my bolg post box for some time and today seems like a good time to post them.

#1 - Rita and I saw these flowers in Kings Square, Saint John, after mid July shower.

#2 - Sunset reflection in the clouds from St Andrews Kirk cemetery. One of these days I plan to brighten the tombstones and repost.

#3 - Black and white picture of an old house in Rothesay from June 4th. The color version was posted here a while back.

#4 - Sail boat at Meenan's Cove, August 16th. I can't seem to get enough sunset pictures.

#5 - Meenan's Cove reflections. My daughter and I were out taking pictures in mid June and this is one of the pictures I took.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Fog and Dew

I was up early this morning and managed to take a few pictures before the sun burned the fog and dew away.

#1 - I cloned out the hydro and telephone lines as they were very distracting.

#2 - There were literally dozens of spider webs on the fence along the Hammond River Road. This was one of the nicest.

#3 - Within seconds of taking this picture the water drop fell from the branch never to return.

#4 - I tried black and white for this scene. Not sure if it worked very well.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More proof summer is over

My granddaughter Kayli and I went to Darlings Island this morning to play in the mud and take a few pictures by the water. While snapping pictures of her I noticed these early fall colors and just couldn't resist doing a ( Digital Ortons) montage. Yes folks, these are the actual colors of the trees and the first fall colors I have been able to capture, not that I have been looking all that hard...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Summer's End...?

I had a few minutes this morning to wander around a very small flower garden in Millidgeville. Sadly most of the flowers were starting to die. As I set up my camera the wind whispered faintly in the trees, "summer is over, get ready for fall!!"

Fundy One

Here are a few pictures I took at Fundy National Park August 4th to 7th 2006.

The boat pictures were taken at ISO 1600 with an average shutter speed of 1/8th second. I didn't have my tripod and had only my 70 - 300 mm zoom lens with me. I braced myself against whatever was available in order to get the picture.

I took a few night shots of Alma but I like No. 4 the best. Just playing around while sitting by the fire.

At the Dickson Falls trail I had everything with me but used only my 18 - 70 mm lens and tripod. Lighting was a challenge with hot spots here and there to deal with.

Fundy Two

I rented a Tamron 90 mm macro lens for the week-end so I made myself put it my camera and went for a walk. It is tough to get used to a fixed focal length but I took a card full of pictures just the same. Pictures 4, 5, 8 and 9 were taken with this lens.

I will have a few more from Fundy to post later this week.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Odds and Ends - #1

I have been busy sorting pictures from Fundy and spending time with my grandkids. I have taken a hundred or so pictures since I returned from Fundy and they need to be dealt with soon. How come whenever I need a day or two of wet weather it never comes?

I am sure glad I went to digital for if I hadn't I would not have any money for anything other than film and developing. Here are a couple of pictures I have taken recently. I threw one in from Fundy that I helped Mother Nature out with a bit with the coloring.

#1 - Meenan's Cove Beach Friday night and a yet another sunset. Handheld at ISO 1600, 1/100", F5, and 85 mm.

#2 - St Paul's Church in Rothesay with a rented Tamron 90 mm macro lens.

#3 - Flower at Fundy National Park that I reworked a bit. Taken with the Tamron 90 mm Macro lens.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Trial moon shot

I went out last night around 10 Pm to experiment with a moon shot. There is no place nearby where I can get the moon and clouds without having a lot of trees in the way so I drove to a church down the road hoping to get something better.

As usual without advance planning something can mess things up. There were streetlights in the wrong place, of course power lines, and my flashlight had weak batteries. What I ended up doing was taking an over exposed image of the moon & sky and painting the church with light from my weak flashlight. The long exposure time overexposed the moon and sky and the cloud movement is very evident but I think have an idea I can improve on. I hope you can you see what I was trying to do. The red streaks on the right were cars passing by. I wonder if they knew what I trying to do?

Meenan's Cove Sunset

Well I am back. We had a great time at Fundy Park and I came home with tons of images. I didn't think I would want to take another picture for a week or more but last night I just couldn't resist taking a few pictures of the sun setting at Meenan's Cove. These are straight out of the camera with no postprocessing. Sorry but these came out in the wrong order.